Leadership Coaching

This four-phase process will include The Coaching Set Up (Phase I); Pre Coaching Clarification and Agreements, Intro meeting with Coach and Client, Approach setting meeting with Individual, Manager and HR Representative (if appropriate), Data Gathering, Feedback and Planning (Phase II) Assessment; using MBTI, 360 Feedback Evaluations and Disc Classic Personal Profile System, Interviews (360 Feedback), Analysis of Data, Feedback given to individual, and setting goals, Coaching Sessions (Phase III); Ten (10) to twelve (12) coaching sessions (one every three-four weeks) based on established development goals, utilizing a variety of methods such as relationship analysis, discussion, role play, on the job observation, problem solving, etc. and  Reinforcement Action Planning; Assessment of  individual’s progress through interview, Conduct review meeting with individual, manager and HR Representative if appropriate, follow up session (2 months later).

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