Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

This course is designed to blend values and an appreciation of differences amongst a diverse group.  It provides a non-threatening way for team members to reflect on and share their backgrounds and preferences.  It will open lines of communication and break down barriers among individuals who thought they had nothing in common. This is a skill-building session that underlines (1) people must have a common purpose or objective as a team to coordinate their actions continuously, and (2) to affirm that all members are caring, respected individuals who matter and make contributions to others.

Learning Objectives:

  •         Reaffirm their commitment to a shared vision of work,
  •         Appreciate and respect the individuals on the team and their collective role,
  •        Develop agreements about how team members will work together, and
  •          Increase the awareness and understanding of the team’s work in achieving its mission.

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