Art of Skillful Listening

The ability to effectively communicate with all people in an organization is a fundamental skill that all leaders must learn to master.  This class is designed to teach state of the art dynamic communication skills. Effective communication is knowing about what, when, and to whom information is shared.  It is also an assessment of sensitivity to the manner in which the receiver will optimally understand the message.

Information is best understood when there is mutual consent by the receiver rather than compliance based on strict authority. If there are inconsistencies in the message’s presentation or application, receivers may distrust the sender’s intent. Whenever possible, there should be clarity while giving an opportunity for discussion, and compromise to reach mutual understanding.

Learning Objectives:

  •   Effectively communicate,
  •   Actively listen,
  •   Take responsibility for the communication process, and
  •   Conceptualize what to do to improve the communication process and apply it.

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