The Opportunity of Conflict

Managing conflict and dispute resolution is a necessary task for leaders. Conflict management approaches can range from competing, collaborating, and compromising to avoiding and accommodating. Each of which may be appropriate for different types of situations.  Considering what is at stake is paramount to determining the most effective approach. “Is there a situation where you must be firm but fair? Is generating options a possibility? Can you afford to compromise? Do you have the time to collaborate? Can you postpone the discussion? Is someone at fault, and is that person you?” Conflict can be healthy when it generates new ideas and strengthens relationships.  The basis for this must be an agreement.  When conflict is unhealthy and causes mistrust, frustration, anger, and apathy, it reveals that the approach was wrong. This class delves into both topics to develop the perspective and skills to create positive outcomes for all involved.

Learning Objectives:

  •   Assess individual conflict resolution styles and develop strategies to work with each style effectively,
  •   State concerns and request change in a respectful and motivating manner, and
  •   Apply cooperative forms of alternative dispute resolution and mediation.

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