Public Speaking & Briefing Skills

This course is designed for seasoned a group of 25 trainers/facilitators and is intended to refresh the basic principle of adult learning principles and presentation tips.  Participants will be given an opportunity to experience the key learning objectives and activities of each component of the training program.  Training Contents:

  • Instructor preparation
    • Four benefits of training
    • Trainer qualities
    • Key Components of Training
  • ·Classroom management and fielding questions
    •   Five principles of learning
    •   Five ways adults learn
    •   Three Learning Styles
  • · Engaging the audience
    •   Identifying in/formal training needs
    •   Structured Activities/demonstrations
  • ·   Effective facilitation.
    •   Using Support Materials
    •   Questioning Techniques
    •   Challenging Personality Types

Learning objectives:

  • How to prepare for the delivery of materials,
  •   How to observe audience signals,
  •   Keeping the audience engaged,
  •   How to limit distraction and manage challenging participants,
  •   Techniques for fielding and asking questions, and
  •   Gaining Program support.

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